Why Study In USA

USA is a big country with 50 states, with hundreds of cities and towns. At least 10 cities have a population of a million people plus (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Jose, Houston). There thousand of schools to choose from and as such lots of opportunities.


More reasons

  • World renown top Universities and colleges that are recognized all over the world
  • A wide variety of programs or field to choose from (you should be able to get a good university for what you want to study)
  • There is a lot of international students studying in the USA
  • Diverse culture with virtually people from all over the world
  • Have a chance to work for one year after Graduation ( Personally I would say that one year is not enough, I prefer the 3years that Canada gives international student.
  • You can work on campus for up to 20hrs per week without a work permit
  • Opens up ones perspective on so many things – work, culture, activities etc

The Not so Good

Keep in mind the following might not be so great about studying in the USA

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  • It is very expensive to study in the USA (International student pay way more than US students)
  • The one year work permit that the US gives students after graduation is to my opinion not enough (sometimes it might take a couple of months to get a decent job and one year go by really quick
  • Generally international students are not allowed to work of campus, as such if you don’t get work on campus it can be really hard on you because USA is an expensive place to live. (As I have mentioned above I prefer the Canadian system, where you get a work permit to work off campus in just six months).